Celebrating our Silver Jubilee 1992-2017
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The Samuel Lindow Foundation is an independent educational charity based on the Westlakes Science and Technology Park in West Cumbria in the United Kingdom.

We have been operating, since February 1992, to advance the education of the public.  The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), one of the largest UK universities, is the Member of the Foundation and its academic partner.

The Foundation seeks to advance the education of the public, and to do this it conducts research, publishes the results and is establishing an educational institution in West Cumbria, and by doing these the Foundation aims to secure real public benefit.  This institution is centred upon, but not limited to, the Foundation’s physical buildings on the Westlakes Science Park, in Moor Row, Cumbria.

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Advancing the education of the public

We are an independent educational charity based in West Cumbria

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