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Our five-year plan, focussing on four areas identified by our independent trustees, addresses key problems in the community and society

The plan was developed by the Foundation’s trustees, approved by the Board and Senior Executive of the University of Central Lancashire and was scrutinised by the Charity Commission and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)

Our five-year portfolio focusses on four research programmes in the areas of

Public Value Management;
Governance of Integrated Health and Wellbeing;
Place Development and Promotion; and,
Social Exclusion and Community Development

The Four research areas

The four research areas encompass the overarching themes of partnerships, communities and young people. Our research is tailored to a West Cumbrian situation. The issues we address are relevant to a local, national and international audience

Through this plan, we will achieve our objectives of establishing an educational institution, undertaking research and publication, advancing the education of the public and achieving public benefit, all firmly embedded with but not limited to, people in West Cumbria

Public Value Management

Building on research the Foundation has been involved with over many years, and working with a range of organisations, our research focussing on public value management aims to address these questions by developing a new, original approach to defining, measuring and enhancing the public value of projects, plan and programs across all sectors

What is of value to the public, and how the activities of public and private bodies can enhance, or diminish the public sphere, is a key question facing society.  The era of straightforward government is long over, and we now face the complex challenge of governing in partnership with bodies in public, private and social sectors.  In that context, how do we ensure activities maximise their value to the public?

Governance of Integrated Health and Wellbeing

The idea of governance for integrated health and wellbeing comes from the recognition that health is affected by many aspects of our daily lives, including the quality of our indoor and outdoor environments, our social and economic status, how active we are, what we eat, and even how happy we feel. To improve people’s health, therefore, we need to think about how all sectors, not just health services, can incorporate health and well being considerations into their policies

Place Development and Promotion

The places that people live often have certain ideas and perceptions attached to them that can sometimes work to obscure the many meanings that real people – whose perspective is informed by their own histories and experiences – attach to a place

To understand a place, in this sense, is to open it up and reveal how the habits of living and working that have shaped it over generations are reflected not only in the things we see around us in our public spaces, but also in how people live now and how they view their future prospects in whatever place they think of as home

Social Exclusion and Community Development

Community engagement aims to support those who are socially excluded to be included, and to develop strong, resilient communities. Our work will focus on working with communities who face particular challenges, such as those relating social mobility and educational attainment.
The research will use a ‘Connected Communities’ approach, adopting an asset-based philosophy to community development, focusing on the strengths available to each local community, while acknowledging their needs. Through co-production this approach aims to empower communities to better understand themselves, address their own problems in partnership with other organisations, and realise opportunities and aspirations

The research stream also works with West Cumbria Child Poverty Forum, which to aims to understand of the complexities of child poverty on a local level, to ensure that interventions are informed by the best research and innovative thinking available. As part of this work, the forum has produced a report, informed by roundtable event hosted by UCLan, to inform councillors and community stakeholders of the challenges children and families living in poverty face, and encourage action on both practical and policy levels

A copy of the report can be found here

Conducting research and publishing the results

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